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Yoni V Steam

Yoni Steam

Our Organic Yoni steams ( other wise known as Vaginal Steams) are a physical, spiritual and mental experience.  Tap into your femininity while sitting over our organic herbal steam while cleansing your mind and body.  Respected by healers around the globe, Yoni steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your Vagina and utilize the wisdom of plant medicine and crystals to heal your body and mind.


The Mahogany Yoni V Steams

  • The Divine Rite Yoni Steam  30 Mins (Fertility) – The Divine Rite Yoni Steam is for fertility and womb balance. This steam is hand blended using herbs said to aid you on your pregnancy journey, by cleansing the uterus of old tissue and residue, increasing blood circulation to the reproductive organs, reducing inflammation and providing uterine stimulation.
  • The Queen’s Detox Yoni Steam 30 Mins (Detox, Fibroids & Cleansing) The Queen’s Detox Yoni Steam is for cleansing physically, spiritually and emotionally.  These herbs are said to aid in reducing the size and preventing the growth of fibroids and cyst as well as removing mucus, cleansing the liver, and balancing out hormonal levels in women.
  • The Feminine Wilds Yoni Steam 30 Mins (Passion & Happiness) – This blend of herbs is said to increase your libido for better orgasms.  It helps to increase lubrication due to hormonal changes, stress or anxiety. This in return increases our sexual desire and makes sex more enjoyable. This blend is also said to increase and tone muscles for a better orgasm. 
  • The Celestial Goddess Yoni Steam 30 Mins(Renewal, Menstrual Ease and Spiritual Balance) – Like the moon this herbal blend brings renewal, calmness, emotional and menstrual balance. 


The Mahogany Goddess Package

Our Goddess Yoni Steam Package includes a therapeutic dry brushing, an aromatherapy body steam, a herbal body scrub, and a herbal yoni steam.

  1. Body Scrub & Cleansing – The cleansing removes environmental impurities like dirt and dead skin cells.
  2. Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy is used throughout the steaming to help you to relax.
  3. Crystal Meditation Session –
  4. Yoni Steaming – Your Yoni steam session is with an organic herbal steam bath. You sit over the steam while meditating and relaxing.
  5. We recommend wearing no make-up and turning off all electronics during the steaming.
  6. If you are pregnant, have an IUD, dehydrated, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, diabetic or have other health concerns please consult with your doctor before booking this treatment.  We are not medical practitioners and cannot offer medical advice.