Intimate Toning / Lightening Treatments

Our intimate toning services helps to lighten discoloration of your underarm, bikini line, knees, elbows and inner thighs.  Darkening of these areas can be caused by friction from constant rubbing, shaving, sun exposure or skincare products.

We DO NOT use bleaching products in our treatments. Our intimate toning service,includes microdermabrasion and deep exfoliation.

Toning services include:

  • Underarm Detox & Lightening
  • Bikini Lightening
  • Inner Thigh Lightening

Treatments are done using professional grade organic products for exfoliation and peeling.

If you are pregnant, have a history of diabetes, lupus, psoriasis, herpes or genital warts, you may not be a candidate for intimate toning. Please consult with a physician Keep in mind that hyper pigmentation is one of the toughest skin conditions to reverse, so packages of three to six treatments are highly recommended.


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