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Hair Loss Studio

The Hair Loss Studio at Mahogany Natural Hair Salon specializes in styling and holistic hair loss treatments for those with temporary or permanent hair loss or thinning.  Our hair loss suit offers our clients privacy and comfort to show their hair and talk about their issues with one of our specially trained stylist.  We want you to be confident about your appearance. Looking and feeling your best is key to happiness and we understand how hair loss and thinning can affect how you feel daily.

What We Do
We can’t reverse permanent hair loss but we can help you style your hair in ways that promote a healthy scalp, growth and hide bald spots and thinning.  We can also recommend holistic ingredients that may help to reduce hair loss or promote hair growth depending on the cause of your hair loss.  Whether you have thinning edges, bald spots, completely bald or have thin hair we can recommend styling options that will free you from stress, hot and poorly made wigs and further hair damage.

  • Custom Hair Pieces for natural hair, straight hair and dreadlocks
  • Hair Growth Treatments
  • Edge Loss Styling
  • Thin Hair Styling
  • Scarves and Accessories

We do not offer hair restoration services.  Please consult your physician for referrals.

Hair Loss and Thinning Causes

Poor Hair Care: Traction Alopecia and other similar conditions are a result of adding too much stress and pressure to your hair and scalp with poor styling techniques, wigs, weaves, and braids etc.

Genetic predisposition: Many women are genetically predisposed to have very fine and thin hair.

Environmental influences: Environmental factors such as stress and toxins can lead to hair loss as well.

Nutrition: Diet and nutrition play a great part in the aging process of skin and hair: with increasing age the
hair becomes less plentiful, as well as more tired and frail.

Hormonal imbalances: Various diseases, medications, but also pregnancy can lead to hormonal hair loss.
Affected women usually suffer greatly from their hair problem, and they try to help the situation with styling products, scalp treatments