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Hair Treatments

Natural Hair Treatments

Our treatments are inspired byย plant-based healing traditions from around the world.ย We believe in restoring balance to the five elements holistically, by engaging all five senses.

HF Growth Stimulating Therapy
Our growth stimulation therapy is a combination therapy designed to stimulate growth in areas affected by traction Alopecia.ย  It is carried out by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra-rays. It is at 250,000 Hz frequency that the hollow glass electrode, is made to come in contact with the hair that generates current. The therapy sends a combination of low and high-frequency currents to the scalp, which naturally revitalizes dormant hair follicles by increasing blood circulation and encouraging cellular turnover. Our HF Growth Stimulation Therapy is approximately 25 minutes long and includes a HR Therapy followed by a growth stimulating scalp massage.

Detox Shampooing (Deep Cleaning)
Our detox shampoo usesย all natural ingredients to deep clean, detoxify and remove odors from your locs and scalp.ย  Great for those who work outdoors, in odor intensive environments or sweat a lot.

Scalp Cleansing / Dry Shampooย 

Do you have new locs, braids or suffer from eczema or psoriasis?ย  Come into the salon and have us do an all natural scalp cleansing.ย  This will remove build-up, odors and relieve itching.ย  We can do a scalp rinse, mask or wipe if you have braids or new locs.

Hot Oil Treatments
Our hot oil treatments are made with natural oils infused with herbs and added to your hair in a steam, wrap or mask.

Herbal Steam Treatments / Herbal Hair Masks
Our herbal steam treatments are great for dry brittle hair.ย  The herbs combined with the steam help to repair damage,ย improve scalp blood flow and circulation and opens the hair follicles and shaft to encourage moisture penetration. We currently offer Rose, Lavender, Peppermint and Rosemary Hair Steams as well as a regular steam.

Ultimate Luxury Conditioning Treatments

This collection of treatments is a blend of premium luxury hair products and all natural ingredients designed to repair and restore dry, damaged and dull hair. We recommend 2-3 treatments for optimal results.

Ultimate Hydration Treatment & Mask ย – For dry, frizzy hair $29
Monoi and Buriti Oil utilizes the dual benefits of Tahitian monoi oil and buriti oil to penetrate the hair shaft, smooth coarse cuticles, while reducing breakage and dry, split ends. Reversing frizz by realigning the keratinous scale of each fiber, hair is revitalized, aiding in the prevention of free radical damage for a look that is beautifying, brilliant and luminous.

Ultimate Glow Treatment and Mask – For dull, weak dry hairย $29
Sea Kelp Mint Cleansing Conditioner touts the benefits of sea kelp and mint extracts, both known for their vitamin-rich characteristics, to reinforce and hydrate follicles from within with plentiful minerals delivering hair that is soft, revitalized, and vivid. Free of greasiness that does not weigh hair down, impaired strands are alleviated and enriched for healthy, buoyant, lavish hair.

Ultimate Reform Treatment & Mask – For severely damaged and flat hair.ย $29
From our most advanced nourishing and rejuvenation system, Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask harnesses the true power of Moroccan Argan oil to provide a comprehensive solution for severely damaged, unresponsive hair. Uniquely designed to restore moisture and impart unparalleled smoothness and shine, this world-class emollient rehydrates thirsty ends, and vigorously combats breakage, leaving your hair feeling reformed and vibrant.

Hair Stripping
Do you have a ton of product build-up, lint or just want to strip and condition your hair shaft?ย  Come in and get one of our ACV and herb infused rinses.

Damage Repair Therapy –ย  (Speak with a stylist for pricing)

Our damage repair therapy is a 3 step process.ย  Depending on the extent of your damage we use all natural products and plants to restore strength, luster and health to your hair.ย  Don’t wait until it is too late to address dull, brittle, breaking hair.


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