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Welcome to Mahogany Dreadlocks & Natural Hair Salon

 Get ready for an extraordinary experience. We are a one of a kind natural hair salon, specializing in dreadlocks, braids, protective styling and hair loss management.  Our goal is to use holistic treatments for healthy hair care.
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From starter locs to retwists and everything in between.  We are a full service loc salon offering re-tightening, coloring, treatments, deep cleaning, styling and more. VIEW SERVICE | BOOK NOW

Natural Hair

Whether you’re beginning your journey with a big chop, transitioning or want to rock a blow out or fade our stylists are the best in Palm Beach county.  We offer over 15 different natural hair services including treatments, trims, coloring, styling and steaming. VIEW SERVICE | BOOK NOW


Our braids stand out from the rest because they are neat and never add pressure to your edges. We offer trendsetting braids, crochet braids, cornrows, Senegalese twists, micro braids, kinky twists and other styles.  VIEW SERVICE | BOOK NOW

Sew Ins & Installations

Whether you want to switch your look up or keep your hair healthy underneath, our stylist can make you stand out from the crowd with our protective sew-ins. Keep your edges safe an intact with professional installs. VIEW SERVICE | BOOK NOW

Professional Color

Don’t run the risk of ruining your hair by self coloring.  Our colorist are highly trained professionals that can blend custom colors and keep your healthy with regular custom color maintenance.


From deep conditioning to growth stimulation, we offer over 10 different treatments to repair and restore your hair.  Whether you need the deep hydration of a steam treatment, the restoration of a protein treatment or a scalp cleanse for build up or dandruff we have all the natural products and ingredients to get your hair healthy and happy again.  VIEW SERVICE | BOOK NOW