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Hair Growth Therapy

HF Hair Growth Therapy & Analysis

Regardless of your hair type our cosmetologist look forward to helping you have your “best hair yet.”

Hair Analysis

Our Natural Hair Analysis is a 20 point assessment and diagnosis of the current state of your hair.  Think of it as a Hair Check Up.  We asses the condition of your hair, looking at the type, length, color, texture, curl pattern and whether or not their is damage on a microscopic level.  We look for dead ends, scalp issues, porosity, undetected hair loss and more.[spacer height=”20px”]

The Analysis will also help you to better understand how to maintain  your hair and repair any damage that is still treatable.   We believe your hair is an important part of your identity and having  healthy hair contributes to your confidence and overall appearance and well being.  Schedule your Natural hair analysis today and be informed and educated on how to treat and maintain your hair.

HF Growth Stimulation Therapy

Our growth stimulation therapy is a combination therapy designed to stimulate growth in areas affected by traction Alopecia.  It is carried out by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra-rays. It is at 250,000 Hz frequency that the hollow glass electrode, is made to come in contact with the hair that generates current. The therapy sends a combination of low and high-frequency currents to the scalp, which naturally revitalizes dormant hair follicles by increasing blood circulation and encouraging cellular turnover. Our HF Growth Stimulation Therapy is approximately 30 minutes long and includes a HR Therapy followed by a growth stimulating scalp massage.

Treatment Plan

  • 2 Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis
  • 12 or 20 HF Growth Stimulating Therapy
  • 12 or 20 Scalp Massages
  • 1 Bottle RX Growth Oil

12 Sessions $250
20 Sessions $300

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Benefits of getting high-frequency hair treatment:

1. The treatment revitalizes your scalp, stimulates blood circulation and encourages the scalp to increase the rate of hair growth.

2. The treatment also helps with generating new cells while making your hair dandruff-free.

3. The treatment prevents itchy scalp and puts a stop to hair fall gradually.

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