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At Anuri Natural Hair and Loc Salon we love doing kids hair.  We believe kids should have healthy natural hair, with styles that are comfortable, age appropriate, long lasting and pain free.  We also have special prices for kids too.

Kids Cornrows, Twists and Braids – $35 and up
Kids Locs Maintenance – $35 and up
Kids Loc Styling – $15 and up
Kids Shampoo and Blow Dry – $25 and up
Kids Flat Iron – $25 and up
Special Event Styling $25 and up

Join our Kids Hair Club and save! Buy a series and save on salon prices.

Kids Loc / Dreadlocks Series
6 Shampoos + Re-twists + Oil Treatments – $195 SAVE $95

Kids Blow Dry Series
6 Shampoos + Conditioning + Detangling + Blow Dry – $150 SAVE $55

Kids Natural Hair Series
6 Shampoos + Conditioning + Detangling + Blow Dry + Cornrows – $250 SAVE $100


We provide all kids hair services in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, St Lucie, Jupiter, Boca and the rest of South Forida.  Join our kids hair club today!

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